WebScore™ is the distributed on-line scoring solution that offers Ministries and bodies of education the possibility of grading high volume of exams in a precise, consistent, cost effective and secure manner.

WebScore™ is designed to help organizations score Hybrid Test that combine multiple choice test (selected responses) and essay test (constructed responses) in a large-scale production environment. The WebScore solution optimizes the flow of information by transforming physical paper answer sheet forms into images database that can then be securely and efficiently scored through any standard web browser.

Unlike traditional manual scoring, WebScore significantly reduces the risks, expenses, and complicated logistics involved with “moving paper” while maintaining control of the exams.

WebScore™ Reduces Scoring Challenges

Two Types Assessment

Even though OMR has been accurate in collecting objective data such as multiple choices (A,B,C,D,E), this method isn’t able to collect manuscript student answer. The scanning technology used by WebScore combine those two types. WebScore processes objective test accurately by OMR technology. At the same time, WebScore collects the manuscript result in images and then distributes and send them to the assessment team.

Answer Sheet Safety / Security

Generally, scorer will do an assessment in a certain place. In another case, answer sheet will be distributed to several locations. In those two cases, the test administrator will lose their control over the test booklet. This results in the lost and damage of the test booklet. WebScore depends on centered scanning operation, so it minimizes the loss or damage booklet. After scanning process, WebScore manages the distribution of digital document.

Quality Assurance

To ensure that each response is accurately scored, some organizations will have two or more scorers grade the same item and then compare the results. In a manual environment, this poses logistical problems with paper distribution, and in ensuring that one scorer doesn’t see a previous scorer’s evaluation. WebScore eliminates this problem by facilitating true “double-blind” scoring that is controlled automatically through its unique workflow system. WebScore also has the ability to “lock out” Scorers as inconsistencies in the scoring results are detected.

Process Anonymity

WebScore increases anonymity and limits bias in scoring by temporarily separating any student identification from the test responses. The Scorers see only “clips” of the written response areas for evaluation, and are not provided that would identify an individual student.

Punctuality in Reporting

WebScore minimizes the time required in doing the assessment. It enables administrator to see the progress of scoring process by online and real time. Administrator will identify the obstacles and then take an action to meet the deadline.