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Our Services concentrate on the area of technology i.e : Wired, Wireless, Internet, Intranet, Networking and other specific application for education market.

For Networking and Infrastructure field, we provide our customers with services such as:

  • LAN or WAN Computer Networking
  • Indoor and Outdoor Structured Cabling
  • Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Infrastructure
  • Active Devices for Internet or Intranet Applications
  • Power management
  • Securities, Storage and Network Management
  • Building and Data Center Maintenance
  • Highspeed Internet Bandwith for Corporate

For education market, we developing our expertise in the fields:

  • High Volume and Time Constrained Test Scoring Application which is based on both Hardware and Software with 100% accuracy
  • Service Bureau for both Government and Private Institutions Employment Testing.
  • Intelligent Document Filing System Application with high volume image data
  • Service Bureau for Paper to Image Data Entry Solutions.

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